Women room – campaign against non-physical violence

Lift the newspaper towards a light and highlight the problem.

Stating the truth is often the first step in solving the problem of sexual harassment…

PROBLEM: Most people do not realize that non-physical violence is also a form of abuse. Even if the recognize it, they do nothing about it. Unwanted verbal or physical behavior of sexual nature often leaves invisible consequences.

SOLUTION: To prevent the violence and alarm the audience people need to speak about the problem – BRING IT TO THE LIGHT OF DAY.

Advertising Agency: Imago reklamna agencija, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director: Vanja Blumenšajn
Art Director: Saša Perić
Copywriter: Vanja Blumenšajn
Other additional credits: Iva Kaligarić, Marina Jelić, Darko Bosnar
Published/Released/Aired (Month, Year): July, 2009